The Gurnard’s Head – more than the sum of its parts

“Some people get it and some people don’t. We don’t have TVs in the rooms for example. What people can do however is come downstairs, sit in front of the fire and have a drink.”

Manager Andy turns all the radiators up, tells us to order fresh milk for the morning if we want tea or coffee in our room and closes the door behind him. It’s dark outside but beyond the Robert’s radio in the window, the wind is whipping around one of Cornwall’s most desolate westerly headlands, punctuated only by granite chunks and bent tree stumps.

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Great Chefs of Britain exhibition at The Old Coastguard, Mousehole

Food and art are never far apart and taste is as extricably linked to the eyes as it is to the tongue. From the palette knife that ‘smears’ an unappealing ode to Van Gogh across the plate to the smoky drama of Hestons’ now controversial nitrous oxide gas, the baking of bread to look like mangled body parts and Carl Warner’s stunning foodscapes, food can be art and art food.
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