Four best … moans about Cornwall

Cornwall? What moaning, you say? None whatsoever about Aidan Turner.

Other things? A few. Four to be precise.

Media perception of Cornwall

With Poldark reaching out to 5.9 million viewers on Sunday for the last episode of series 1, the Stein-tinted, Rock-drunk, sun-skewed media stereotype of Cornwall has likely evolved from flip-flops and surfing to bare-chested galloping and opportunistic scything (complete with fair maiden back at the farmhouse). I for one have taken to roaming the cliffs in the wind with a basket full of saffron buns looking for my husband down at the mine (although the ginger wig may be a bit of a giveaway…).


It will rain on the bank holiday. This is Cornish fact. Despite knowing this, we will all still head out to the beaches and have a moan about the rain. Best solution? Take a Thermos and go for a dip. The one will negate the other and you won’t even notice the rain (the hypothermia may be a little more obvious however …).


Showing your passport at the Tamar is about as international as we get. Cornwall is mainly a sea of white faces split into two tribes: those that have come in from ‘up-country’ and those that have lived here all their lives. Expect the oddly non-sensical: ‘people from round ‘ere ‘ain’t from round ‘ere!’ as well as intrusive questions about how long you’ve lived here and whether you are Cornish or not (my go-to defence is that I am 50% Cornish – how absurd). London and Bristol become distant dreams and other countries …


Tiny lanes and 4x4s. Tiny lanes and huge tractors. Tiny lanes and drivers that seem to have been born without the gene to reverse. Tiny lanes and caravans. Tiny lanes. The A30 late-morning on the weekend in summer. Driving. Everywhere. Petrol: expensive. Local transport? Shite.

Four best … yoga classes in Cornwall


I firmly believe that yoga literally keeps me sane. From untwisting my diaphragm to rebooting my brain, getting the lymph system up and moving with a handstand or awakening the inner organs with a good twist, it’s much cheaper than a massage and  much better than a breakdown.

With so many practitioners in Cornwall however, how do you choose? Here are my favourite four, however they are by no means exhaustive as there are other excellent teachers and classes out there:

The Old School, Lanhydrock

Jan takes a Hatha style yoga class on a Thursday morning from 10 – 12. The emphasis is on long and slow, dynamic and controlled without too much focus on the spiritual side (i.e. no chanting or candles). A set of superbly choreographed asanas leaves me consistently refreshed, stronger and able to breathe again! For all abilities.

Ashtanga Yoga, Wadebridge and Polzeath

Denise runs a yoga clinic, a led class and a Mysore style class. The led class on a Tuesday in Wadebridge from 7:15pm is a proper workout that leaves me feeling lighter in body and mind, as well as famished (a post-yoga curry at the local Indian is not unheard of). In true Ashtanga style, the class is based on a series of progressive series of postures to detoxify the body, improve circulation and still the mind.

Lime House Yoga, Mount, Truro

Jock and Emma have used their beautiful home to create one of the most calming yogic locations in the county where yoga practice is more a way of life than a one-off workout. Jock takes most of the classes but alternate Thursday evening classes are shared between Jock and Lucinda Pimlott who also teaches at the stunning Zedshed on a Saturday morning. Classes at Lime House are preceded by chai tea and proceeded by a post-practice chat in the kitchen giving a uniquely personal and nurturing experience. Check out the website for class dates, times and other events (some involving Emma’s delicious food!).

Bridget Woods Kramer

Bridget is an Anusara yoga ‘guru’ who has inspired and trained many of the teachers in Cornwall. She splits her yoga life between Triyoga London and Falmouth / Penryn and also runs teacher training courses and retreats in exotic locations. She is a superb practitioner whose classes often contain other yoga teachers. Be prepared to work and feel amazing afterwards!

HOT TIPS: Keep an eye out for this year’s excellent Surya yoga festival from 22 – 27 May near Falmouth for full yoga immersion. 

Grab a bunny the Philleigh Way way

by David Griffen

by David Griffen

Rabbits are everywhere – speaking ones from childhood who listen to Art Garfunkel, frozen fur bundles dotted across fields and stunned baby ones at the side of roads. And I have a particularly fine specimen who loves bananas, in my garden (and sometimes house). Rarely however are they are on our plates, in our cookbooks, on TV and never will you find a whole one in a supermarket near you.

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