Cooking without a kitchen

photo by Fred Wobus

photo by Fred Wobus

Bring on the summer and we bring out our barbecues. But with just a bit of imagination, cooking without a kitchen can be even easier, cheaper and hassle-free than bringing out B&Q’s finest. Read More


3 Hungry Boys’ Thom Hunt is open for business in the woods

Philosophy and the outdoors have a long-established bond. From Thoreau to Jack London, D.H. Lawrence and Hardy to Tolstoy’s musing peasants, streams, fields and manual labour are as much about how to live as they are a way of life. A  day with Thom Hunt at his new business in the woods – 7th Rise – will teach you not only how to hunt, shoot, fish, forage and cook, but also to pluck, gut and consume ideas about life, living and humanity. Read More