Offal with style: Florentine tripe

I have a thing for offal. Not a thing thing but just a thing. It is partly out of principle, a little bit out of bravado, something to do with price, a lot to do with taste and texture. I have eaten lungs in a bun, spleen with cheese, stacks of roasted marrow bones as well as the fourth stomach of a cow (lampredotto) and a part of the first to third stomachs (tripe).

Offal is divisive and never dull. There are only two camps: the horrified or the fascinated. There are many reasons why I choose to grapple with wobbling kidneys, slippery livers and sinuous hearts. One is an unshakeable belief that if we kill an animal we should be eating all of it. As offal advocate Fergus Henderson says: “Nose to Tail Eating means it would be disingenuous to the animal not to make the most of the whole beast; there is a set of delights beyond the fillet.”

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Slope Food and Ski Safari in Alta Badia

Alta Badia - David Gray - lores-1I never learnt how to ski when I was younger and bones bounced, mortality was only an intellectual concept and crying from sheer frustration was still socially acceptable. Skiing in your late-30s can be a daunting experience – the prospect of breaking a limb loses its sparkle the older you get and impaling a small child on two samurai swords’ worth of carbon fibre and plastic has never been on the to-do list. Read More