Post-surf breakfast

I say surf but really I lawnmow. Yep, that’s right: I don’t ride barrels, have no idea how to carve and rarely wipe-out. Instead I gently slide, belly on wood (behind neoprene) into shore with an occasional squeal, not unlike the action of cutting grass: arms outstretched, pushing forward. And that’s how I like it best.

At Polzeath, it’s early in the morning and the car park on the beach is empty – school kids are beginning to arrive but haven’t yet hit the waves in hordes. The waves are a little messy but frequent enough and we slot in with a silver-haired swimmer and a couple of other bodyboarders. I mow. My cousin rides. I wait for the perfect wave (don’t we all): it’s just on the turn, cresting into my ankles with a swell that can lift as much as push… I don’t get it this morning. But I will another day.

After a morning catching frothy little breakers, happily segregated from the surfers, I want to eat a good plateful of food. And there are three rules for my post-surf breakfast: 1) cooked food, 2) something healthy and 3) caffeine. And 15 minutes out of Polzeath just outside of Wadebridge on the Atlantic Highway (A39) is the answer: Strong Adolfos for Fine Coffee, Fresh Food and Subcultural Happenings.

For the fine food we (or rather I) consumed: 1) an avocado, date, almond, yogurt and milk smoothie (odd because I had to get my head round sweet date with savoury avocado but it works and the texture is fluffy but liquid enough to enjoy – it’s literally a meal in a glass); 2) poached eggs on spinach on ham on sourdough bread (perfectly poached eggs, teeth fluffingly-fresh spinach – when it does what rhubard does to your teeth – and a wedge of very fine sourdough; 3) a darn fine coffee sourced from Cornish roasters Origin.

As for the subcultural happenings – for starters Wild Bake (Claire and Lewis Cole have converted a horse trailer into a mobile pizza outlet and make some of the freshest best pizza you will eat this side of the Tamar) are at Strong Adolfos this evening for bike night from 5- 9 along with some sliders made by Adolfos. Keep an eye on their website for more events and exhibitions; for me, my next ‘subcultural happening’ will mainly be some more excellent post-surf nosh (I have the Big Breakfast to get to grips with).


2 thoughts on “Post-surf breakfast

  1. Nothing better than a post surf munch and this sounds delicious. Polzeath is one of my favourite spots so next time I’m down will have to try out Strong Adolfos.

    I’m on my belly too although have flippers so mix it up with the big boys. Everything is overhead when you ride a sponge!


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