No more excuses: Origin’s five easy steps for making better coffee at home.


If anyone knows how to pimp up your home brewing, Origin do.

The company has had baristas in the finals of the UK Barista Championships ever since they started in 2004. Last year, four of the finalists used Origin coffee and in 2008 and 2012, the barista champions – Hugo Hercod and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood – won using Origin coffee.

The company independently source and blend award-winning beans from their base in Helston and supply restaurants, hotels, delis and cafés  across the UK.

Once upon a time, my morning would lurch into life with a daily espresso in Palermo on the way to work and more recently, I was lucky enough to be in the mist of the Blue Mountains, drinking the delicate Jamaican coffee that is so little known over here.

Despite these experiences, I often make a poor coffee at home. My recipe for bad cafetiere coffee is as follows:

  • Throw in about a tablespoon of several-months-old, pre-ground coffee per person into an old cafetiere, which is a bit baggy around the mesh.
  • Add boiling water to an undetermined level, wait a few seconds, plunge and add to hot milk.
  • Result? Either a bitter, near-black liquid reminiscent of the ghost of an espresso or brackish water out of which all taste pertaining to what was once coffee has been lost.

And this, according to Will Pitts of Cornish coffee giants, Origin, is how it should be done:

  • Buy and grind your own coffee beans –  the flavour starts to deteriorate after about a minute of grinding.
  • Invest in one of three gadgets on the market and available at Origin cafés: a V60, an aeropress or a syphon. The aeropress is probably the easiest and most flexible of these, costing about £30.
  • Use water at about 93 degrees (i.e. boil the kettle and wait a bit)
  • Aim for an 8% coffee to water ratio (although this can vary according to personal taste) and invest in some decent scales.
  • The whole process should be completed between two – two and a half minutes (invest in a timer, at least to start with).

No more excuses.





3 thoughts on “No more excuses: Origin’s five easy steps for making better coffee at home.

  1. Jane

    A lot people are surprised I grind my coffee beans each time, but it takes very little time and the result is SO much better. It’s a no-brainer. The challenge is trying to find whole beans at my supermarket! I love my Melitta! I was given a fancier machine, but I don’t use it. I’m not into theatre – I go out for that!.

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  2. I’ve roasted at home, in my air-pop electric popcorn maker. You can buy green coffee in Toronto. My 40-year-old Braun grinder finally expired. I can’t afford a vintage Spong. 😦


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