Our Honest Foods: a whole new way of snacking

I swear by snacking. But is it good for you? Bad for the wallet? Detrimental to the waistline? Or incremental to concentration levels?

Unless it’s toast (a snacker’s middle ground), snacking for me tends to be either ultra healthy (raw carrots, half an avocado, oat cakes and houmous) or ultra- bad: brownies, chocolate, pork scratchings, brownies. Brownies).

Unsurprisingly, snacking is commercial gold (because who can’t make a profit out of 24-hour eating?). While a lot of filth has sneaked into the snacking arena (Dairylea Dunkers, Pepperami sticks, popcorn chicken), some clever moves have been made to tidy up the image of snacking: step forward the likes of Graze and now:

Our Honest Foods work on the principle of almost genius: sign up for either £9.99 a week for their upcoming Home Box or £30 for the office team and the rest is then simple: hand picked, local, quality snacks that tick both healthy pit-stop and indulgent treat, arrive at your door.

What’s even more quirky and downright practical is that the office box comes in wood filled with priced snacks and an honesty box slot to drop in the correct money. Everyone’s a winner: costs are covered, you haven’t had to agonise over nuts and dried fruit versus the all-new dancing likes of Dairy Milk with Ritz crackers (an entire Ritz embedded into the chocolate – no-one’s going to win that battle). And sneaking out of the office for a snack, like a sixth former who hasn’t signed out, becomes a thing of the past.

You have paid to get rid of the mid-morning blues – essentially outsourced to a trusted broker who deals in nothing less than ‘sound’ food: new businesses, independent producers and local ingredients. From Munchy Seeds Omega Sprinkles, to Bellevue Earl Grey, a generous slab of white chocolate with lemon and poppy seeds, to gourmet flapjacks and caramel shortbreads, a pack of Nim’s fruit crisps or some Darling Popcorn, snacking has never been so easy and (mostly) guilt-free.

Add to this the matey, genuinely amusing cute copy on the website: Hello, pilgrim of Snacktopia. We’re Honest, masters of the snacking universe and the three Bath-based graduates – Joe, Giles and Charles – seem to have it nailed. Right down to an Earl Grey scented tee. They even have their own dictionary of Honest-isms. Step aside Innocent and Ben & Jerry’s.

My (and the office’s) only qualm? The expense. £30 of snackage each week. But then divide that up between a team who pay for what they eat and it becomes a whole lot more reasonable. Good food costs money. End of. And these guys are dealing in a whole lot of good food and a whole lot of creativity and fun on the way to doing it. Monday mornings will never be the same again.



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