It’s official: chips are good for you.

 All foods are equal but some are sexier than others.
saffronbunny-food-blogger-cornwallTake yogurt for example, little pots of primary colours shouting out so much fruity goodness that to walk on by would be, quite frankly, nutritionally negligent; or herbal teas: refuse the William Morris-wallpapered little boxes of calm, whispering Buddhist promises, at the peril of proffering your soul to the dark, caffeine underworld.

Clever marketing aside however, one can make a very fine cup of ginger and lemon tea by simply grating fresh ginger (unpeeled) into a cup and adding boiling water with a squeeze of lemon; homemade yogurt? (I have been accused of knitting my own but that is another story), easy: according to Mr Hugh himself, you just need some whole milk, a few tablespoons of live, plain yoghurt left overnight in a warm place and the magic happens.

So forget those fickle ladies like yoghurt and herbal teas, and fall in love with an under-marketed, underrated, pale and interesting type: the white potato. Now that we’re bang in the bubbling fat of National Chip Week (21- 27 February), it’s time that potatoes got Gok-ed. Bring on the ‘sexpot’. No fancy packaging or screaming labels just a bit of dirt and a tuber. But what a tuber. It’s time for Kernow to get to grips with our ‘teddies’ and know our red-skinned desirees from our fluffy maris pipers, a king Edward baker from a light yellow wilja.

So which type for the perfect chip? From personal experience: parboiled wiljas smothered in Cornish cold pressed rapeseed oil ( with a scattering of chunky Cornish sea salt ( but both maris pipers and desirees will also do an excellent job of crisping up and remaining fluffy on the inside. A top tip, don’t bother to peel, just rinse. And if you still have a pheasant in the freezer, serve up a roasted hen with chips for a Cornish take on chicken ‘n’ chips. And the good news is that, according to research commissioned by the Potato Council, chips can make you happy and even calmer. So chuck the herbal teas, knit your own yoghurt and get chipping this week.


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