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I love food. Count on me to celebrate the best, the little known, the local, the small and the big. I may sound like a fluffy bunny covered in a scattering of bright orange spice but I have the energy of a horse running with the wind and the tenacity of a buzzard with an eye on a vole. I look forward to sharing my foodie stories and the stories of others with you.

Learning to love lunch again

What perverse culinary twist has turned lunchtime at work into the spurned lover of our daily meals? Keep her (or …

saffronbunny-food-blogger-cornwall“It was Kurt’s idea.”

When Rick Stein found out that Kurt Jackson was painting the Camel from its source on Bodmin Moor to Stepper and Pentire Point, he describes how, “it fired me up to match what he was painting with cooking.” (more…)