My brothers used to call me ‘the gut’ when I was younger. From cooking cakes obsessively throughout adolescence (far easier than being a teenager) to living in Sicily for three years where I ate spleen, lungs in a bun and intestines twisted delicately around a spring onion, I have lived to eat.

My mother is my biggest influence and I have much to thank her for: no-nonsense Cornish farm food and a seemingly innate knowledge of plucking, jointing, roasting, pasty making and jam boiling, as well as that most exotic of spices – saffron. She lived at a time when a whole pig would sit in a ‘bath’ of salt in the outbuildings for winter and when families scalded their own milk to make clotted cream. For me it’s fascinating, for her, it was hard physical labour.

The birth of this blog was simple and single-minded: to record and share my mum’s recipes as well as stand on my Riverford veg box and have a little cyber-shout about the latest food fads and fashions.

To contact me for commissions, interviews or reviews please email rachelwilsoncouch@gmail.com.

All of the reviews, product testing and opinions in this blog are entirely my own; I am not swayed by PR campaigns, I am not here to sell you anything or convince you of something I don’t believe is worthy of your attention!

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